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Russian wheat aphid - how to recognise itRussian wheat aphid

Russian wheat aphid has been found in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales (August 2016). We’ve made a special fact sheet so you will be able to recognise it if you see it.

Fact sheet: Russian wheat aphid – How to recognise it

Russian wheat aphid FITE strategy fact sheet

The following fact sheets were produced for grain growers, funded by Grain Producers Australia.

Common name
Fact sheet
Barley stripe rust FS
Branched broomrape FS
Cabbage seedpod weevil FS
Chinch bug FS
Corn rootworms FS
Downy mildew of sorghum FS
Exotic pests of Australian chickpea FS
Field pea and Lentil rust FS
Fusarium wilt of chickpea FS
Greenbug FS
Hessian fly and Barley stem gall midge FS
Karnal bunt FS
Khapra beetle FS
Larger grain borer FS
Lentil anthracnose FS
Lupin rust FS
Mediterranean cereal cyst nematode FS
Mungbean yellow mosaic virus FS
Pea leaf weevil FS
Russian wheat aphid FS
Soybean cyst nematode FS
Stem nematode FS
Stem rust of wheat (pathotype Ug99) FS
Stem weevils FS
Stewart’s wilt of maize FS
Sudden death syndrome of soybean FS
Sunflower moth FS
Sunflower stem weevil FS
Sunn pest FS
Verticillium wilt FS
Wheat bug FS
Wheat stem sawflies FS
Wheat stem rust (exotic races and strains) FS
Witchweed FS



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Qld Kym McIntyre 0429 727 690
SA Shafiya Hussein 0437 723 295
Vic Jim Moran 0418 377 930
WA Jeff Russell 0447 851 801