Environmental risk mitigation

Some invasive exotic pests have the potential to threaten native species, bringing permanent damage to our unique natural ecosystems. Others can reduce the social value of public amenities such as parks and gardens.

Unlike agricultural industries, environmental species have no obvious peak industry body to represent their needs or to contribute to a significant environmental pest or disease incursion. There is therefore an opportunity to engage with the diverse stakeholders base for environmental plant species to help identify biosecurity threats and priority actions to address these risks.

The Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer within the Department of Agriculture has commissioned Plant Health Australia to develop risk mitigation plans for Australian acacia species, and mangroves and associated communities to begin to address these issues.

Despite the clear importance of Australian acacia species to our environment, culture and industry, there are currently no coordinated activities being undertaken specifically to protect acacias from biosecurity threats.

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Mangroves are at a heightened risk to exotic pests and diseases, as they frequently grow around ports and airports that process cargo and ships from all over the world.

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