What happens in a pest incursion

This section outlines the key steps taken to manage an incursion,who is involved and their responsibilities.

Suspected exotic plant pest detected
By growers, consultants, research personnel, university staff,
agribusiness, DPI staff, general public etc
Reported to state Department of Primary Industries
Through the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline (1800 084 881) or contact directly
State Chief Plant Health Manager informed
State DPI staff inform State Chief Plant Health Manager
via their supervisor as soon as possible
Chief Plant Protection Officer informed
State Plant Health Manager must inform the
Chief Plant Protection officer within 24 hours


Detection of a suspected exotic plant pest

Suspected pest is identified by grower or other associated person.

Detection reported to state department

Following the detection of a suspect exotic plant pest, the relevant state agency should be immediately notified directly or through the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline.

State Chief Plant Health Manager

Within 24 hours of the initial identification, the agency (via the State Plant Health Manager) will inform the Chief Plant Protection Officer, who will notify other relevant Australian Government departments and relevant state agencies and industry representatives.

Following the detection or reporting of the pest, the relevant agriculture agency may collect samples of a suspect organism and seek a positive identification.