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The Australian Plant Pest Database (APPD) is based on validated specimen records of pests and diseases of plants with significance to agriculture, forestry, pasture or the environment. While Australia has a number of reference collections that include pest and disease records, they are held by a large number of organisations across the country. Only a relatively small number of these collections have transferred information into databases that are readily accessible to agencies and organisations involved in plant health. Accordingly the usefulness of many collections is reduced, as information has been often difficult and time consuming to retrieve.

APPD currently draws information from 18 databases throughout Australia. Descriptions for each and relevant contact details can be found in the following link. The structure of the APPD means that existing collections continue to be maintained and updated by contributing agencies.

Please direct any questions regarding specific records in APPD to the relevant contact for each contributing database:

APPD contributor contact details

For further enquiries or comments, please contact:
APPD Administrator
Plant Health Australia
Ph: 02 6215 7700 or