The plant biosecurity system in Australia

Keeping Australia’s plant industries free of pests and diseases is a continuous process.

Pre-border and at the Australian border, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) minimises the likelihood of pests and diseases entering the country.

Post-border, the management of plant biosecurity is a partnership between federal and state governments, plant industries and producers. The following chart shows how these parties interact. Plant Health Australia focuses its efforts post-border, increasing collaboration between the parties to aid in the effectiveness of all activities.

Components of the system

Pre-border – DAFF

  • Risk analysis and import approvals (including import risk analysis & policy, risk management & communication)
  • Export market access negotiations
  • Offshore assessment, audit and verification
  • International standards development
  • Capacity building in overseas countries
  • Gathering global pest intelligence


At the border – DAFF

  • Implementation of risk management system
  • Policy implementation
  • Education & awareness
  • Inspection & monitoring
  • Enforcement & compliance


Post-border – DAFF, state & territory governments, PHA, plant industries and producers

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Practice & simulations
  • Education & awareness
  • Monitoring & surveillance
  • National coordination & response to pest incursions
  • Domestic quarantine
  • Pest management
  • Pre-emptive breeding

The video below explains our plant biosecurity system in more detail.