Owner reimbursement costs

The Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed (EPPRD) became operational on 26 October 2005. An agreed component of the EPPRD is the framework for owner reimbursement costs (ORC), along with the corresponding Guidelines for owner reimbursement costs under the plant pest deed (Centre for International Economics, June 2004).

The CIE guidelines provide a framework for calculating ORC payments for the plant industry sectors under the EPPRD. A crop sector specific framework is required to translate the ORC guidelines into a specific calculation of ORC payments for growers in an auditable, transparent and fair way. EPPRD parties agreed to use an ‘evidence framework’ approach to this, modelled on the first industry case study (the sugarcane industry in July-August 2006).

More information is available in Framework for owner reimbursement cost determination.

Approved sector specific evidence frameworks are also available:

Bare root stock production and large bare rooted plants (perennial trees)

Annual short rotation crops

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