Contingency planning

Plant pest contingency plans

Contingency plans have been developed for a number of plant pests and diseases. If a plan has been developed for a pest or disease, they can be found by searching the Plant Pest Information Database (on the right hand side of pages on the PHA website) for the pest name. Alternatively, each industry page on the PHA site includes a list of pests, and documents such as fact sheets, contingency plans and diagnostic protocols for the pest. For example, visit the Citrus industry page for a list of the documents available for pests and diseases of citrus.

Technical Guidelines for Development of Pest Specific Response Plans (Peter Merriman and Simon McKirdy, 2005)

PHA has prepared this document to assist the development of contingency plans, or to develop technical strategies in the event of an incursion. It  provides guidelines to assist scientists and regulators to develop response strategies for emergency plant pests and provide technical advice during an incursion.

The guideline is based on the phases of an incursion response in early versions of PLANTPLAN – investigation and alert, operational and stand down. It focuses on the responsibilities of experts in developing incursion response strategies and provides a guide for developing response strategies aligned to the biology, epidemiology and control of different kinds of pests.

The document has particular relevance for entomologists, plant pathologists and other discipline specialists who become involved and provide advice during incursion responses. These can include modellers, biometricians, plant ecologists, breeders and economists.

Section 1 identifies the general roles, responsibilities, skills and knowledge requirements of technical experts during a response.

Section 2 considers the impact of different methods of pest dispersal on incursion management.

Section 3 presents technical checklists for use by experts when planning diagnosis, impact assessment, selection of emergency control treatments, surveys, quarantine and movement controls, eradication and stand down.