Australian Plant Pest Database

The Australian Plant Pest Database (APPD) is a national, online database of pests and diseases of Australia’s economically important plants, providing the rapid location of voucher specimens and efficient retrieval of detailed data.

With access to over 18 existing plant pest collections (‘contributing databases’) the APPD has access to over one million pest voucher specimens making it possible to quickly retrieve details of insects, nematodes, fungi, bacteria and viruses that affect plants of economic and ecological significance.

This information provides a powerful tool to assist bids for market access and to justify measures to exclude potentially harmful, exotic organisms, help in emergency plant pest management, and support relevant research activities.

Access the Australian Plant Pest Database

More information on the APPD is available from the following links:

In referencing this database, the preferred citation is ‘Plant Health Australia (2001) Australian Plant Pest Database, online database, accessed [insert date]’.

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