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The Grains Farm Biosecurity Program (GFBP) has created fact sheets to increase biosecurity awareness among contractors, agronomists, researchers and producers. For assistance creating a biosecurity plan, identifying biosecurity risks or sourcing equipment or material to mitigate risks, contact a Grains Biosecurity Officer below or visit the Grains Farm Biosecurity website.


Grains biosecurity fact sheets

Grains industry farm biosecurity – what you can do
Highlights some of the measures that can be implemented on-farm by growers to help protect the Australian grains industry from exotic pests.

High priority exotic pests of the grains industry
Describes some high priority exotic pests of the grains industry.

Guidelines for contractors
Provides guidelines to assist contractors to minimise biosecurity risks when working on farms.

Is your agronomic business a biosecurity risk
Informs advisors, consultants, agronomists and other industry personnel about the biosecurity risks associated with field work and movement between farms.

Is your field day a biosecurity risk
Explains how to prevent field days and on site trials from becoming occasions to spread pests and weeds.

Is your field research a biosecurity risk
Explains the biosecurity risks associated with conducting field research and demonstrations on your farm.

Is your visit a biosecurity risk to the Australian grains industry?
Offers advice to people from overseas who plan to visit grain growing regions or properties in Australia.

Overseas visitors and biosecurity in the Australian grains industry
Provides advice for the organisers (or hosts) of field trips on how to manage the biosecurity risks posed by visitors from overseas.

Is your farm at risk – People movement
Explains how to manage the biosecurity risks associated with people moving onto or about farms.

Effective farm wash down facilities
Highlights the features of washdown areas for vehicles or machinery entering your property.

Detecting and reporting suspect pests



For more information about the Grains Farm Biosecurity Program, contact Plant Health Australia on 02 6215 7700, or email

Grains Biosecurity Officer
NSW Kate Glastonbury 0417 687 307
Qld Kym McIntyre 0429 727 690
SA Shafiya Hussein 0437 723 295
Vic Jim Moran 0418 377 930
WA Jeff Russell 0447 851 801