Vegetable and Potato Biosecurity Program

Since 2014, vegetable and potato grower levies have funded the Vegetable and Potato Biosecurity Program, managed by AUSVEG and Plant Health Australia.

The Vegetable and Potato Biosecurity Officers, who work for AUSVEG, have implemented the program, which aims to improve the biosecurity risk, preparedness and response mechanisms within the vegetable and potato industries.

The biosecurity officers facilitate cooperation between vegetable and potato growers, government departments and industry groups, carry out ad hoc projects, and provide advice as required.

The Vegetable and Potato Biosecurity Program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • raise awareness of priority pest threats to the vegetable and potato industries among growers and other industry participants.
  • increase the use and awareness of on-farm biosecurity practices by vegetable and potato growers and other industry participants.
  • involve industry leaders and advocates in promoting best on-farm biosecurity practice.
  • integrate on-farm biosecurity measures with relevant quality assurance and/or best management practice programs.
  • rapidly initiate industry responses to the detection of new pests.
  • provide vegetable and potato growers with practical information for the improvement of on-farm biosecurity.

Further information

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