Australian Plant Pest Database

The Australian Plant Pest Database (APPD) is a national, online database of pests and diseases of Australia’s economically important plants, providing the rapid location of voucher specimens and efficient retrieval of detailed data.

Biosecurity for Farm Workers Fact Sheets

The Biosecurity for farm workers fact sheet has been produced.

While you are working on farm in Australia there are a few simple things you can do to prevent the spread of plant pests and diseases.

Biosecurity Portal

Plant Health Australia has developed the Biosecurity Portal. The vision for the Portal is to integrate biosecurity activities, scientific capabilities and analysis across the biosecurity continuum.

National Emergency Plant Pest Training Program

PHA delivers the National Emergency Plant Pest Training Program to industry and government representatives, growers and other biosecurity stakeholders. The training program includes both face-to-face and online modules.

Pest and Disease Image Library

The Pest and Disease Image Library (PaDIL) offers high-quality colour diagnostic images and information on pests and diseases along with a number of comparative native species.

Pest Information Document Database

The Pest Information Document Database (PIDD) contains pest-specific information developed as part of industry biosecurity plans, in consultation with industry, government and scientists. The PIDD contains nearly 300 documents, including fact sheets, contingency plans and diagnostic protocols.

You can search for pests and access documents using the PIDD panel on the right hand side of any page of the Plant Health Australia website.