Our members

PHA members include most major agricultural industries,the Australian Government and all state or territory governments. Membership of Plant Health Australia is unlimited and inclusive, and is available to peak plant industries and government.

PHA has three membership categories:

Members have involvement and input into a range of large scale, nationally coordinated projects that could not be funded or pursued by organisations acting independently.

Being a member of PHA enables governments and industries to work together on biosecurity issues. It also gives members the option of being a signatory to the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed, providing an avenue for protection in the event of a plant pest incursion.

Organisations considering membership should download a copy of the Plant Health Australia Constitution and contact the Company Secretary.

The Plant Health Australia (Plant Industries) Funding Act 2002 provides a levy mechanism which plant industry members can elect to use in order to meet their yearly membership subscriptions.

Benefits of PHA membership

• Access to the benefits of the EPPRD
• Assistance in the event of an incursion
• A forum for learning, sharing views, resolving disputes and finding consensus
• Independent facilitation services that can be applied to impartially negotiate and manage agreements between stakeholders
• Development and regular expert review of industry biosecurity plans and their adoption
• Convenient, expert and low cost technical knowledge, advice and support to minimise risk exposure
• Insights into the integrity and performance of the national plant health system
• Expertise in development of strategies and management of national programs to enhance Australia’s plant biosecurity system
• Advocacy services that confront complacency about plant pest threats and promote the value of the biosecurity ‘insurance policy’
• Impartial voice for all members in policy development and decision making settings and a sounding board for ideas
• Support in building national risk mitigation and incursion response capability, particularly on-farm.