Pest Information Document Database

The Pest Information Document Database (PIDD) contains pest-specific information developed as part of industry biosecurity plans, in consultation with industry, government and scientists.

Pests of an industry are identified and assessed on their potential to enter, establish, and spread in Australia (eg environmental factors, host range, vectors), and the cost to industry of control measures. A range of documents relevant to these pests are developed to raise awareness within the industry of the risks and to assist members in planning for an incursion.

The PIDD contains nearly 300 documents, including fact sheets, contingency plans and diagnostic protocols. Pest risk reviews are also available for some pests on request (contact

You can search for pests and access documents using the PIDD panel on the right hand side of any page of the Plant Health Australia website.

Alternatively, you can view the pests of a crop in the ‘Pests’ section of the relevant Industry page.

Endorsed National Diagnostic Protocols are available from the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network webpage.