Handbook for the Identification of Fruit Flies

Fruit Fly HandbookThe accurate identification of fruit flies is a key component of Australia’s biosecurity system that underpins the domestic movement of fruit and vegetables, maintains international market access for Australian producers and protects Australia’s borders from exotic pest incursions.

In 2015–16 the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources in conjunction with the Plant Biosecurity CRC commissioned PHA to facilitate a major revision of the Australian Handbook for the Identification of Fruit Flies. The comprehensive review was conducted in consultation with, and with input from, fruit fly entomologists, scientists, academics and diagnosticians from Australia and overseas, including government departments of agriculture or primary industries and research institutions.

The handbook integrates all the techniques currently used in Australia for the identification of 60 species of (primarily exotic) fruit flies using both taxonomy and molecular biology techniques. The Handbook has been compiled by diagnosticians as a working handbook for diagnosticians.

Work is already underway on a third revision of the Handbook which is due for release in 2017–18.


Full report (pdf)


Contents & Introduction
Chapter 5 – Detection
Chapter 6 – Inspection of material, sample preparation and storage
Chapter 7 – Identification
Chapter 8 – Diagnostic information
Chapter 9 – Diagnostic resources
References & Appendices

Further information on the handbook is available from admin@phau.com.au, Plant Health Australia.