National Plant Biosecurity Status Report

The annual National Plant Biosecurity Status Report has become a must-have reference volume for those seeking to understand Australia’s plant biosecurity system and its performance.

In addition to identifying the greatest exotic pest threats to plant production, each report covers the governance of plant biosecurity in Australia and explains the mechanisms including our surveillance systems, which successfully manage the pest status of plant industries. Reports also describe the hundreds of innovative Australian research projects underway or completed over the period of the report.

National Plant Biosecurity Status Report 2017

National Plant Biosecurity Status Report 2017 (Full report 7 MB pdf)


Preliminary pages (350 KB)

Chapter 1 The plant biosecurity system protecting Australia (1 MB)

Chapter 2 Australia’s plant production industries (1.9 MB)

Chapter 3 Pre-border biosecurity (550 KB)

Chapter 4 Border biosecurity (625 MB)

Chapter 5 Post-border biosecurity – Eradicating new plant pests (520 KB)

Chapter 6 Post-border biosecurity – Controlling pests and weeds (1.1 MB)

Chapter 7 Post-border biosecurity – Plant pest surveillance and diagnostics (1.7 MB)

Chapter 8 Plant biosecurity RD&E (820 KB)

Appendices (200 KB)