Reporting suspect pests

Any unusual plant pest should be reported immediately to the relevant state or territory agriculture agency through the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline (1800 084 881). Early reporting increases the chance of effective control and eradication.

Reporting an exotic plant pest should be done only via the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline. Careless use of information, particularly if a pest has not been confirmed, can result in extreme stress for individuals and communities, and possibly damaging and unwarranted trade restrictions.

If you suspect a new pest, call the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline

Calls to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline will be forwarded to an experienced person in the department of agriculture from the state of origin of the call, who will ask some questions about what you have seen and may arrange to collect a sample. Every report will be taken seriously, checked out and treated confidentially.

In some states and territories, the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline only operates during business hours. Where this is the case, and calls are made out of hours, callers should leave a message and contact details and staff from the department of agriculture will return the call the following business day.

Suspect material should not generally be moved or collected without seeking advice from the relevant state/territory department, as incorrect handling of samples could spread the pest or render the samples unsuitable for diagnostic purposes. State/territory agriculture department officers will usually be responsible for sampling and identification of pests.