Sugarcane downy mildew

Symptoms, note reddened leaf stripes. Image SRA

Can cause significant yield losses, with losses of up to 40% reported overseas.


  • Cream-white leaf stripes that redden with age.
  • Stunting of infested stools.
  • Down may be seen on the underside of infested leaves, especially under humid conditions.
  • Leaves may become shredded at cooler times of the year.


  • Spread with infected planting material.
  • Wind-borne spores for short distance dispersal, due to short lifespan of spores.

High priority pest of: Sugarcane

Scientific name: Peronosclerospora sacchari, P. philippinensis and P. spontanea
EPPRD Category: 3
Life Form: Fungus

Pest Documents

FS: fact sheet

CP: contingency plan

DP: diagnostic protocol