Karla Williams

Bee Biosecurity Officer

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania

Karla Williams grew up in Albury, NSW, and worked various jobs in retail and animal husbandry. Karla worked for six years at the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre at La Trobe University, Wodonga, Victoria, where she studied a Bachelor of Science in environmental management and ecology while working on a ten-year project monitoring the health of river systems in the Murray Basin.

After moving to Tasmania in 2012, Karla joined Biosecurity Tasmania, spending a year doing general biosecurity operations work around airports, seaports and freight sheds. In 2017, Karla began her current role at a bee biosecurity officer, finding the diverse facets of the industry enjoyable and challenging.


T: 03 6165 3778
M: 0407 436 230