Biosecurity Basics – keeping the message simple

January 18, 2024

In a crowded public messaging space, it’s sometimes challenging to break through and effectively connect, engage and inform with what can be a diverse target audience. This is particularly so when we want to start a conversation about the importance of biosecurity to our economy, livelihoods, environment, and our way of life.

To try and more effectively engage with its audiences, Biosecurity Tasmania has gone back to basics – literally.

General Manager of Biosecurity Tasmania, Rae Burrows summed up the challenge.

“As part of a broader, ongoing campaign to better engage with visitors and locals alike, about the importance of a shared responsibility for our biosecurity, we thought, let’s go back to basics.

“We identified four basic behaviours we wanted to promote. They needed to be simple actions that visitors and locals could adopt so they could better meet their general biosecurity duty: check your bags, come in clean, stay on the path, and report anything unusual.

“We then developed simple icons to accompany and illustrate those four basic messages. We have now successfully incorporated those icons (and variations of those icons) into our everyday communication products across a range of channels, and the results are very promising,” Ms Burrows said.

“A good example is our recent campaign at the start of summer; a season that brings plane and boatloads of visitors to Tasmania – and potentially unwelcome pest and disease visitors, hitchhiking their way into our beautiful island State.

“Our social media channels have featured Facebook posts and a YouTube advertising campaign reminding visitors and Tasmanians to “Check Your Bags” and to “Report Anything Unusual”.  The reach and engagement of the campaign has been very encouraging, and we plan to follow that up with a focus across all four of the Biosecurity Basics,” Ms Burrows said.

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