The Industry resource toolkit is an education resource developed by PHA to help Plant Industry Members educate their own members about the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed (EPPRD). The toolkit is a collection of 12 articles that you can use to improve your members’ understanding of national biosecurity arrangements, become their primary point of contact, and help them prepare for plant pest incursions.

We recommend you publish the articles is the following order as they have been written with the intention of building knowledge over time.

  1. National biosecurity system

The first article in the toolkit provides an overview of Australia’s national biosecurity system and how we respond to emergency plant pest (EPP) incidents.

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  1. What happens when you report something unusual? 

This article describes the process followed when a suspect plant pest or disease report is made through the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline.

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  1. Responding to an Emergency Plant Pest under the EPPRD

This article provides an overview of how we respond to an EPP under the EPPRD. Additional articles in the toolkit series expands on this topic to provide more information on the response arrangements.

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  • Twelve articles will be distributed to PHA Plant Industry Members, throughout the year, approximately three every three months
  • Articles are written in order with the intention of building knowledge over the series and should therefore be published in order. However, they are also a valuable resource that your members can return to if needed.
  • The articles cover topics such as national biosecurity arrangements, the role of your industry and growers in plant pest response, cost-sharing arrangements, and actions growers can take to prepare for plant pest incursions.
  • Each article is written for growers. It includes key points, a shortened version of the content, a longer version, and resources to help you communicate the topics to your Members.
  • The article format ensures you have the information to use across different channels, including websites, social media, newsletters and other mediums.
  • Each article contains links to more information such as YouTube videos, websites, and/or training courses, as well as a graphics pack with editable flowcharts and infographics to use on your communication channels.
  • You are encouraged to tailor the information to help improve your Members’ understanding of national arrangements and to become your members’ primary point of contact for more information.

If you are a PHA Plant Industry Member representative and want to be added to the toolkit distribution list when new articles are released, contact the PHA training team via

Throughout the articles, you will find sections that can be tailored to make the content more relevant to your members or industry and we encourage you to highlight how your organisation supports its members. This information can be used to create content for your website, social media, newsletters, videos, podcasts, webinars, or other formats and both long-form and short-form content is provided to help you adapt it to the relevant platform. You can also incorporate this material into your member training and educational programs.

When adapting the articles, it is important to maintain factual accuracy and sequential order. Many of the concepts explained throughout the toolkit rely on using correct terminology to avoid providing inaccurate or misleading information. We request that you:

  • publish the articles in the correct order to allow readers to build on their knowledge from one article to the next
  • include the following statement indicating that it has been developed in collaboration with Plant Health Australia:

This content has been developed in collaboration with Plant Health Australia to increase awareness of national response arrangements under the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed (EPPRD).

If you’re unsure where to start, keep it simple. Publish the full articles on your website, and then direct people back to your content through other communication channels, such as a social media post or newsletter article.

Industry organisations outside Plant Health Australia’s Plant Industry Members are welcome to publish the information, provided the articles acknowledge the national peak industry body as the representative body under the EPPRD.

Growers and producers are encouraged to contact their national peak industry body for further information.

PHA welcomes your feedback on how to improve the industry resource toolkit. Contact the PHA training team via