Seeking views on draft determinations for imported goods and reportable biosecurity incidents

April 26, 2016

More draft delegated legislation is available for public comment.

Public consultation is now open for the following draft determinations and will close on 17 May 2016:

  • Biosecurity (Prohibited and Conditionally Non-prohibited Goods) Determination 2016
  • Biosecurity (Reportable Biosecurity Incidents) Determination 2016

The draft goods determination outlines the items that cannot be imported into Australia under any circumstances, such as the live foot and mouth disease virus. More

May member meetings and special workshop

April 26, 2016

Members of Plant Health Australia (PHA) are reminded that the next meetings will be on 31 May 2016 at the Holiday Inn, Melbourne Airport. The member meetings will be followed by a special workshop on 1 June about Xylella fastidiosa, an invasive bacterial plant pathogen that affects over 200 commercial and ornamental plant species. More

New faces on National Fruit Fly Council

April 13, 2016

Membership of the recently established National Fruit Fly Council (NFFC) has been broadened and a full time manager appointed to assist the Council carry out its mission to coordinate fruit fly management activities at a national level.

The NFFC brings together government and industry members to drive the delivery of a national system that prevents fruit flies being a constraint to sustainable production or a barrier to trade and market access. More

Bee biosecurity officer appointed in NSW

April 4, 2016

Beekeepers in NSW now have an advisor on hand to help them keep their hives free from pests and diseases, as part of Plant Health Australia’s Bee Biosecurity Program, it was announced this week.

Hayley Pragert has started work in the new role of Bee Biosecurity Officer as part of a joint industry–government initiative to look after Australia’s honey bees. More

Exercise Haryana – National Delimitation activities

March 11, 2016

Exercise Haryana is being run to gain a better idea of how prepared Australia is for a Karnal bunt incursion, and to improve our ability to implement a rapid national response to Karnal bunt should it be detected.

The National Delimitation activities that form the second phase of Exercise Haryana will run from March until early May. More