PHA facilitates Apple and Pear Biosecurity Plan meeting

  • PHA facilitates Apple and Pear Biosecurity Plan meeting image

As part of the development and review process for the Apple and Pear Biosecurity Plan, Plant Health Australia (PHA) facilitated an implementation meeting in May, bringing together key stakeholders from the apple and pear industry. The discussions focused on updates to the Apple and Pear Biosecurity Plan, as well as biosecurity-related activities to be implemented for the plan’s duration.

Led by PHA’s Biosecurity Planning Project Officers Rebecca Powderly and Evie Kielnhofer, the meeting was held at AgriBio in Bundoora, Victoria, one of Australia’s leading agribioscience facilities.

Biosecurity Plans set out an agreed range of activities to mitigate risks from exotic plant pests to particular industries or the environment. To develop a successful Biosecurity Plan, a collaborative approach is required to identify the greatest biosecurity threats to Australia’s plant industries.

PHA would like to thank all participants who contributed their time and expertise to the Biosecurity Plan development process. This includes contributions from the apple and pear industry, as well as other agricultural industries with active Biosecurity Plan projects in place. The outcomes of these efforts provide a valuable mechanism to support the identification of priority pests and diseases, as well as preparedness activities to safeguard our agricultural industries.

For further information on biosecurity plans developed by PHA, visit the website.