Exercise Bee Prepared


The Australian and state governments and the beekeeping industry participated in Exercise Bee Prepared this year to improve their readiness to respond to a detection of varroa mite (Varroa destructor).

For the exercise, Plant Health Australia facilitated a series of activities and discussion workshops to test the response to a detection of this serious pest of honey bees.

The enthusiasm of the 275 participants helped make the exercise a success.

Between March and October 2018, the Australian Government and each state and territory government hosted an Exercise Bee Prepared activity to test varroa response arrangements and availability of resources.

Participants worked together on a fictional scenario to develop a response strategy to eradicate varroa mite from a peri-urban environment.

Several aspects in the response were identified that consistently posed challenges to the groups.

The Chief Plant Health Managers and Australian Honey Bee Industry Council representatives assessed these elements at a national workshop to decide on an appropriate response.

A consolidated report on the outcomes of Exercise Bee Prepared is expected to be released in early 2019.

For additional information about Exercise Bee Prepared, please email training@phau.com.au.