A-peeling opportunity: ILO training in Orange

  • A-peeling opportunity: ILO training in Orange image

Plant Health Australia (PHA) in conjunction with the Department of Primary Industries New South Wales (NSW) will be hosting an Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) training workshop in Orange, NSW, on Wednesday 21 February 2024. The face-to-face workshop will equip future ILOs with the skills to work in a control centre during a plant biosecurity incident.

The training session will provide insights into the ILO role and help participants understand how to work alongside the incident management team in an emergency response.

Another ILO workshop is scheduled to take place in the Northern Territory on Wednesday 15 May 2024 for those unable to attend the February session. Workshops are also planned for Victoria and Queensland in the second half of 2024. Be the first to hear about these training opportunities by joining the mailing list.

If you’re interested in the role of an ILO and would like to attend the training, contact your peak industry body for more information.

Register online for the ILO workshop.

Here’s what past participants have shared about the training:

“Amazing information reinforcing the importance of the ILO role and how to engage in it”.

“A great balance of presentations, group discussion and the opportunity to network with a mix of industries”.

“Excellent facilitation using real-life scenarios and insights shared by those with first-hand experience”.

For more information on ILO workshops or help with registration, contact the PHA training team via email at training@phau.com.au.