Supporting myrtle rust research and management

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Themed ‘Where to from here?’, the Australasian Myrtle Rust Conference was held at the University of Sydney from 21-23 June 2023. Over 90 participants from Australasia attended the three-day conference, highlighting research and management approaches that have been undertaken since myrtle rust was first reported in Australia. The conference was followed by a field day to observe native plants impacted by the disease.

A variety of experts presented myrtle rust research findings, touching on topics such as the fundamental science of the pathogen and host, biosecurity, environment, ecology, conservation, and applied science.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Richard Sniezko from the US department of Agriculture, presented his research program, encompassing many years of screening and breeding trees for disease resistance.

Another conference highlight was receiving an Indigenous perspective on myrtle rust from both New Zealand and Australia. The conference concluded with a workshop titled ‘Conservation and Research gaps and the way forward’.

The conference was well received and raised awareness on all the current approaches being undertaken to manage myrtle rust. Presentations highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary approaches, capacity building, education and awareness, marketing and communication, as well as having a national coordinated approach that can help to manage myrtle rust in Australia.

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