PHA Board meeting 106 Communique

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The Plant Health Australia (PHA) Board met virtually on 1 and 2 March 2022 for Board meeting 106. The meeting had the full attendance of the PHA Board, as well as Chief Executive Officer, Sarah Corcoran and Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, Michael Milne.

Day one’s agenda included discussion of strategic issues, a review of financial reports, risk mitigation plans and policy and the draft Annual Operational Plan (AOP) and budgets for 2022-23. The Board also noted the hard work the PHA team is undertaking to align PHA’s program structures to the new 2022-27 Strategic Plan and the ongoing importance and value of the PHA – Animal Health Australia in delivering national training packages, on farm biosecurity and our roles with stakeholders in Emergency Response and preparedness.

Day two’s agenda featured an in depth discussion of PHA’s people and organisational culture, Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed management and current active incidents, the Mid-Year Performance Report and the strengthening of the national diagnostic system. The Board noted that under the new five-year strategy, the AOP and key performance indicators will look very different to the current format.

The Board also discussed a number of other issues impacting PHA members including:

  • flooding impacts on the Macadamia industry and other plant industries on the east coast of Australia
  • the widespread flooding is likely to promote the emergence of many pests and diseases and continue to place significant pressure on biosecurity staff in government agencies already responding to multiple emergencies
  • the war between Russia and the Ukraine will result in large increases in fuel, chemical and fertiliser costs, and an increase in the price of grains
  • increases in worldwide shipping costs will be passed on to consumers
  • noted the detections in Australia of Japanese encephalitis, a viral zoonotic disease that is spread by mosquitoes, and the human health impact.

Overall, Board Meeting 106 was a productive and successful meeting with Board meeting 107 to be held in Sydney following the members meetings, on 26 May 2022.