Leaf miners

Serpentine leaf miner

Photo by Merle Shepard, Gerald R Carner, and PAC Ooi, Insects and their Natural Enemies Associated with Vegetables and Soybean in Southeast Asia, Bugwood.org

  • Exotic leaf miners (exotic species in the AgromyzaCerodontha, Chromatomyia, Liriomyza, Phytomyza and Pseudonapomyza genera) are small flies whose larvae feed internally on plants
  • Leaf miners attack a wide range of vegetable and grain crops
  • Feeding punctures can be seen as white speckles on leaves
  • Mining scars, which can be easily seen on leaves or stems, range from straight to serpentine, depending on the species
  • Larvae can be spread in infested plant material



Scientific name: Multiple species in the Agromyza, Cerodontha, Chromatomyia, Liriomyza, Phytomyza and Pseudonapomyza genera
EPPRD Category:
Life Form: Flies & Midges (DIPTERA)

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