Owner reimbursement costs published for melon and sweetpotato industries

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To eradicate or prevent the spread of an emergency plant pest, response plan may require a property to be quarantined, certain crops to be destroyed or a grower to undertake actions that are additional to their normal production practices (such as control measures or a forced fallow). Implementing these requirements often results in additional costs or potential losses to impacted individuals.

Owner reimbursement costs (ORC) is a type of payment made under the EPPRD to an individual to reimburse them for specific defined costs or losses incurred following the implementation of a response plan. The provisions of the EPPRD define what comprises an ORC payment, who may receive a payment, how cost sharing is applied, and the general valuation and payment processes undertaken.

ORC evidence frameworks for the melon and sweet potato industries were recently approved and published. Each evidence framework was developed and approved by the Australian Melon Association and Australian Sweetpotato Growers, and approved by all government stakeholders as well as the PHA Board.

PHA provided support through the development and approval process.

This is an important step forward for the melon and sweetpotato industries that better prepares them for a response to emergency plant pests that could devastate their respective cropping sectors.