Strong diagnostic capacity supports surveillance programs and assists the development of risk mitigation and pest control or eradication arrangements. Given the large number of identified emergency plant pests (EPPs), it is important that work on these pests is nationally coordinated to ensure expertise is available when required, that diagnosis is timely and consistent, and that duplication is avoided.

PHA drives the development of and investment in innovative technologies to improve diagnostic capability.

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The National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Strategy 2021-2031 and National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Strategy Implementation Plan sets out the goals to ensure infrastructure, standards and tools used deliver the highest quality plant pest diagnostic services. 

The National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network (NPBDN) is a nationally integrated network of plant diagnosticians working collaboratively to navigate biosecurity challenges associated with a wide array of plant hosts, limited resources and increased risk from international trade and travel.

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The National Plant Pest Reference Collections Strategy 2018 ensures that biological collections can continue to support Australia’s trade and biosecurity. The strategy recommends a diverse, dispersed system of reference collections with a similar diverse, dispersed system of information management and transfer. 


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