Board Members

Ron Glanville


Dr Ron Glanville has had a 46-year career working in biosecurity in Australia, including the positions of Chief Biosecurity Officer and Chief Veterinary Officer for Queensland. His government career highlights included establishment of Biosecurity Queensland as an integrated biosecurity agency, leadership roles in over 30 biosecurity emergency responses; and key roles in a range of other state and national programs.

Since 2011 he has established a successful consultancy business in biosecurity. Plant biosecurity related projects conducted include efficiency advocate reviews of the Giant Pine Scale response in Victoria and South Australia, Exotic Fruit Flies in Torres Strait (twice), and Red Witchweed in Queensland; writing the initial response plan for the Panama disease outbreak in bananas in Queensland; a feasibility study into enhanced management of black Sigatoka with a view to eradication in Torres Strait; and industry consultation to assist development of a nationally integrated plant pest surveillance program in Australia.

Ron was awarded the David Banks Biosecurity Lifetime achievement award in 2020. The catalyst for this nomination was his work since 2016 to improve biosecurity systems in Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area. This included development of the Biosecurity Strategy for the region, with a focus of making biosecurity more meaningful for indigenous communities.