Executive Management Team (EMT)

Dr Lucy Tran-Nguyen

General Manager, Partnerships and Innovation

Dr Lucy Tran-Nguyen is the General Manager, Partnerships and Innovation. Lucy joined Plant Health Australia in late January 2022 as the National Manager, Diagnostics and was promoted to the General Manager position in March 2023.

In this role Lucy leads the development of cost effective and sustainable national approaches to partnerships and innovation including member engagement, intelligence gathering, project reporting and contribution to national committees.

Lucy previously worked at the Northern Territory Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade for 15 years. During this period, Lucy introduced and established Molecular Diagnostics in Plant Industries Diagnostics Services. Lucy has over 24 years of experience in molecular diagnostics of plant pests. Lucy has managed and completed large scale R&D projects with industry focused outcomes. Lucy has been involved in numerous exotic plant pest outbreaks, associated diagnostics and research activities. These include mango malformation, banana freckle, Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus, mango fruit borer and citrus canker. In recent years, Lucy has focused on plant biosecurity preparedness – risk analysis, early detection strategies (surveillance and diagnostics), biosecurity resilience and business continuity. Lucy has participated in several national working groups and is currently co-supervising two PhD students based at La Trobe University.

The role will provide leadership and management of the diagnostics program to ensure the Australian plant biosecurity systems are future-oriented and solutions-focused. This includes National Diagnostic Protocols, biosecurity networks coordination projects (National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostic Network & Plant Surveillance Network Australasia-Pacific), and supporting PHA’s implementation of the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostics Strategy.

Lucy Tran-Nguyen