New coordinator to support diagnostic and surveillance networks


PHA is excited to announce the appointment of a Diagnostics and Surveillance Networks Coordinator who will provide support to the National Plant Biosecurity Diagnostics Network (NPBDN) and the Plant Surveillance Network Australasia Pacific (PSNAP).

Dr Natalie O’Donnell, who has worked at PHA since 2014 as project officer, has taken on this role following her recent secondment at the office of the Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer.

“In this role I will work with members of both networks to promote and improve connections between practitioners and improve Australia’s biosecurity capability,” said Natalie.

“The networks connect people who are integral to the plant biosecurity diagnostic and surveillance systems across Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring countries with the aim of improving technical skills, facilitating connections, and sharing knowledge and experiences.”

“For example, members of the networks come together regularly at the Annual Diagnosticians’ Workshop and Annual Surveillance Workshop to build connections, initiate projects, share knowledge and experiences, and professional development activities to support their work.”

Further information about the diagnostics network can be found at, and work is underway to develop a website for the surveillance network.