Giant pine scale management in Victoria


Giant pine scale was first confirmed in Victoria in 2014 and poses a significant risk to Australia’s softwood plantation industry, parks, forests, and residential properties if not properly managed.

This small scale insect sucks the sap of pine, fir and spruce trees, sometimes killing the tree.

Agriculture Victoria concluded its Giant Pine Scale Transition to Management Program on 7 May 2018. The management of giant pine scale now rests with land managers, land owners and industry.

As there are currently no effective control methods available, minimising further spread is critical.

Two resources have been developed to help people living in affected areas in Victoria to manage the pest and prevent its further spread.

New Biosecurity Online Training course

A new eLearning course – Managing giant pine scale in Victoria – is now available on the PHA BOLT site. This course was developed by Agriculture Victoria as part of the National Giant Pine Scale Transition to Management Program and covers:

  • what giant pine scale is, its impacts and how to recognise the signs of an infestation
  • where giant pine scale is currently located in Victoria
  • how to report new infestations
  • how to implement simple hygiene practices to reduce the risk of spreading giant pine scale.

To access the course, you will need to register on the PHA BOLT site and then enrol in the Managing Giant Pine Scale in Victoria course.

More details about all PHA BOLT courses is available on the Plant Health Australia Biosecurity Online Training page.

Video on working with giant pine scale infested trees

A video for people who have, or work with, giant pine scale infested trees in Victoria is now available.

The video at (under ‘Information resources on giant pine scale’) shares easy gardening and equipment hygiene tips to help arborists and property owners to avoid spreading giant pine scale to new properties.

Industry-led research projects are still progressing to find possible control options for giant pine scale.

More information about the giant pine scale is available on the Agriculture Victoria website.