Dr Mila Bristow is on the move

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After two years at Plant Health Australia (PHA) Dr Mila Bristow, General Manager, Partnerships and Innovation, will join Hort Innovation in the newly created role of General Manager, Trade and Biosecurity Research and Development.

PHA promotes a strong and resilient plant biosecurity system built on connected strategies and partnerships and as General Manager, Partnerships and Innovation, Mila has played a pivotal role in brokering industry-led, government-partnered programs for the benefit of the economy, environment and community.

During her time at PHA, Mila has made a significant contribution to the strategic direction and leadership of the company, including the co-development of PHA’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. Her work with the National Fruit Fly Council to drive a sustainable approach to managing fruit flies across Australia is notable as is her engagement and implementation of important initiatives such as the National Plant Biosecurity Strategy, Avocado Industry Biosecurity Strategy 2022-2026 and the National Forest Pest Surveillance Program.

“Although Mila’s departure will be a significant loss from our leadership team, I’m delighted she will continue to work with PHA and our members on key biosecurity projects in her new role. PHA and Hort Innovation share a number of stakeholders, meaning they will continue to work with Mila on national biosecurity and market access research and development topics. On behalf of the PHA Board and team, we’d like to extend our most sincere thanks and appreciation of the outstanding contribution has Mila made during her time with PHA and wish her every success in her new endeavour” says Sarah Corcoran, CEO PHA.

“We’re excited to have Mila join the team at Hort Innovation and to leverage her extensive biosecurity experience, well established networks and relationships with plant industries. Under Mila’s leadership our newly-formed Trade and Biosecurity R&D team will safeguard and enhance Australian horticulture through its research and development portfolio — particularly market access — to influence trade and market development opportunities. The team will deliver on industry-led trade priorities, both nationally and on a global stage to grow exports” says Brett Fifield, CEO Hort Innovation.

PHA has commenced recruitment for this position. Applications close Monday, 13 February 2023.