PHA Board Meeting 108 Communique

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The Plant Health Australia (PHA) Board recently travelled to Mildura, Victoria from 19-21 September for Board Meeting 108. While in Mildura, they took the opportunity to engage with and hear from members on the challenges and opportunities facing agriculture.

Held over two days and hosted at the Citrus Australia office, Board Meeting 108 commenced on the Monday afternoon and completed on the Wednesday morning. Key outcomes included:

  • Approval of the 2022 Annual Report
  • Discussion on the Public Hearings in relation to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee’s inquiry into the adequacy of Australia’s biosecurity measures and response preparedness, in particular with respect to foot and mouth disease and varroa mite
  • Confirmation of the 2022 AGM for 29 November 2022
  • Approval of June and July financial statements and the resolution that the financial statements up until 30 June 2022 and accompanying notes of the Company are in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 and comply with Accounting Standards and Corporations Regulations 2001; and
  • Review of the excellent work PHA is undertaking to embed company values and promote positive workplace culture to ensure a highly skilled and engaged team delivering for our members.

Mildura is well known as one of Australia’s most productive agricultural regions, producing premium products for domestic and international markets. The Board had a very engaging and interesting field day on the Tuesday, meeting with member organisations and other plant industries to discuss a range of topics relating to agriculture and biosecurity.

The first session was held at AUSCitrus where the Board learnt about Asian citrus psyllid preparedness measures, the industry high health nursery stock program, and received an update on Huanglongbing tolerant rootstock activities.

Next on the agenda was a visit to Grandview Orchards to see this season’s orange production and hear first-hand about the impacts that climatic conditions and COVID-19 has had on the industry.

The Board then visited the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries Dareton Primary Industries research farm for a tour through the orchard, whilst Research Horticulturist for Citrus, Dr Dave Monks, explained the current experiments in varieties and growing conditions.

The afternoon was spent at Cann Group, where the Board received a guided tour of the facility and discussed the biosecurity needs of the emerging medicinal cannabis industry.

Finally, the Board visited Dried Fruits Australia, where they met with new CEO Thomas Cheung to hear about the biosecurity measures that are undertaken in the industry. The Board also met with the CEO of Citrus Australia and Chair of the Plant Industry Forum, Nathan Hancock, to discuss his insights and experiences into the biosecurity system in Australia.

The Board wishes to thank all members, stakeholders and staff that contributed to this interesting and valuable meeting.