Bee biosecurity in Tasmania says farewell to Karla Williams and welcome to Julie Lupia

  • Bee biosecurity in Tasmania says farewell to Karla Williams and welcome to Julie Lupia image

In late December 2022, Karla Williams moved on from her role as Senior Biosecurity Officer (Apiary Biosecurity) with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas). As the only apiary biosecurity officer in Tasmania, Karla was the Bee Biosecurity Officer under the National Bee Biosecurity Program, she co-ordinated the Tasmanian component of the National Bee Pest Surveillance Program and also undertook a majority of the field and office-based work in the state apiary biosecurity program. During her nine years in the apiary role, Karla effected some significant improvements in apiary biosecurity in Tasmania, over a time when beekeeper and hive numbers rapidly expanded. Karla established strong relationships with the apiary industry, which allowed her to work with many beekeepers to improve their biosecurity management practices in their hives. One of Karla’s desires before she left Tasmania was to see Compulsory Beekeeper Registration launched, which was achieved in December 2022, thanks to Karla’s tireless efforts in this area.

Replacing Karla Williams is Julie Lumpia, who commenced in the role in January 2023. Julie has been working alongside Karla in recent months when she was employed by NRE Tas to manage a small team of apiary inspectors and co-ordinate a varroa mite surveillance plan in Tasmania developed in response to the incursion in NSW. Julie is passionate about bee biosecurity and is looking forward to her new and challenging role. If you have any questions about bee biosecurity in Tasmania, you can contact Julie at


IMAGE: From left to right – Julie Lupia, Leigh Behrens, Alfonso Cavarretta, Rory Eaton, Karla Williams, Russell Hurley and Warren Gorringe.