Avocados Australia tests biosecurity protocols

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In a move to continue biosecurity preparedness and response capabilities, the Board of Avocados Australia Limited (AAL) participated in Exercise Proteger on 25 October.

Facilitated by Plant Health Australia’s (PHA), the desktop exercise was designed to test decision-making processes and application of the Biosecurity Incident Standard Operating Procedure (BISOP) during a biosecurity emergency response. The exercise was based on a hypothetical response that tested the Board’s financial and technical decision-making capacity as well as communication and engagement processes.

Facilitated by PHA’S A/Learning and Development Manager, Naomi Wynn, and supported by General Manager of Emergency Response, Dr Susanna Driessen, the exercise allowed AAL to reflect on its systems and processes in a realistic scenario, pinpointing the skills and knowledge necessary for both short-term and long-term responses.

Feedback from participants affirmed its value: the practical experience made the theory more tangible and fortified AAL’s continued commitment to biosecurity readiness.

Exercise Proteger is just one example of how PHA is working with our members to enhance their biosecurity capability and preparedness. For more information on exercise development and delivery, contact the training team via email training@phau.com.au.