Australian Biosecurity Awards Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year

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Price Cattle Company’s Owen and Brigid Price have received the 2022 Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year award.

The central Queensland beef producers are role models in the agricultural industry. They are leading the way in farm biosecurity, innovation, technology, record keeping, environmental sustainability and business transparency.

The Prices achieved Grazing Best Management Practice certification in 2017 and were assessed against over 150 international standards as part of that process. They developed policies and procedures for their business, including risk-management documents. They attended training days to learn the essentials for a comprehensive biosecurity management plan. Talking to other producers, the Prices identified a sense of overwhelm about compliance. This prompted them to share their plan to help others. In 2015 Brigid created a website to share information and resources, including information about biosecurity, with other farmers.

Examples of their strengthened biosecurity measures include:

  • regular self-assessments of potential impacts caused by entry or spread of unwanted pests
  • adopting compliance measures for best practice procedures around farm hygiene and managing on and off farm movement
  • an annual biosecurity self-assessment
  • an integrated biosecurity management plan with other management plans as part of the business risk management strategy annual review
  • front gate biosecurity signs at the entrance of each property
  • set quarantine periods for new cattle and recording of cattle movements to ensure traceability.

The business also adopted strict protocols for visitors, including sign-in registers, specific access points and designated roads for moving within properties. Contractors must also have third-party washdown certificates when bringing vehicles and machinery onto properties, which means vehicles and machines must travel from their washdown pad directly to the Prices’ property after clearance.

The Prices have added a section to their policy in response to the increasing risk of foot-and-mouth disease. This requires all visitors to confirm whether they have travelled to any country with a World Organisation for Animal Health listed disease in the previous 28 days.

The Prices openly discuss industry issues and encourage others to take action on biosecurity risk mitigation by sharing their best-practice approaches.

Brigid and Owen Price were nominated by Myriam Daley.