Annual Operational Plan 2023-24 Addendum – Subscriptions

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Plant Health Australia’s (PHA) Annual Operational Plan was published in June 2023, however at the time of publishing, statistics used to calculate Member subscriptions for 2023-24 were not available.

Individual subscription levels vary between years due to shifts in Local Value of Production (LVP) for plant industries which, in turn, affects the relative proportion of individual member subscriptions calculated in accordance with the three-year rolling average formula set out in the PHA Constitution.

LVP is calculated from figures published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) or, if neither of these two options are available, a source deemed appropriate by PHA’s directors.

At the time of publishing, a reduced set of LVP statistics for the 2021-22 year from the ABS were available. PHA management have since worked with Members to estimate relevant LVP levels for those industries where no data was available.

Subscriptions for 2023-24 are outlined in the Addendum to the Annual Operational Plan, available to download via the link below.

Annual Operational Plan 2023-24 Addendum