Russian wheat aphid

Russian wheat aphid

Photo by Frank Peairs, Colorado State University,

  • Primary hosts are wheat and barley
  • Light-green, elongated aphid (up to 1.8 mm long)
  • Damage symptoms include: white, purple or yellowish leaf streaks; rolling of leaves, flag leaf and awns; bleached heads with small grains
  • Crop losses up to 75% could occur
Russian wheat aphid - how to recognise it Russian wheat aphid – How to recognise it

We’ve created a fact sheet so you will be able to recognise Russian wheat aphid if you see it.

Russian wheat aphid FITE Russian wheat aphid – the FITE strategy

The Grains Research and Development Corporation has developed the FITE strategy against Russian wheat aphids. The four steps of the FITE strategy are:

  • FIND – look for aphids and the characteristic plant symptoms of leaf streaking or leaf rolling on cereal crops and grasses
  • IDENTIFY – positively identify the pest in consultation with a specialist
  • THRESHOLD APPROACH – consider international thresholds for control, factoring crop growth stage and potential yield losses
  • ENACT an appropriate management strategy that where possible preserves beneficial insects.

Russian Wheat Aphid Technical Management Group

Grain growers are advised to monitor their crops for infestations of the newly introduced Russian wheat aphid and to report suspected infestations but to hold off spraying wherever possible until spring. That’s the advice from the Russian Wheat Aphid National Technical Group that has been set up by PHA to help manage the pest.
More (including map of Russian wheat aphid distribution)


Scientific name: Diuraphis noxia
EPPRD Category: 3
Life Form: Stink bugs, aphids, mealybugs, scale, whiteflies & hoppers (HEMIPTERA)

Pest Documents

FS: fact sheet

CP: contingency plan

DP: diagnostic protocol