Our Staff

Dr Cheryl Grgurinovic

Manager, Diagnostics (Projects)

Dr Cheryl Grgurinovic, joined PHA in August 2022 as Manager, Diagnostics with a focus on diagnostic special projects.

Cheryl has strong technical skills including a PhD in mycology and a wealth of experience in many areas of plant biosecurity.

She has extensive experience in responses, stakeholder engagement (industry, state and territory governments and overseas officials). In her previous role as the Assistant Director in the Preparedness and Response program, Plant Health Policy branch at Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Cheryl delivered preparedness objectives for the national priority plant pests.

In her new role Cheryl will support the recently funded Biosecurity Innovation project on the ‘National coordination of high throughout sequencing data for a connected diagnostics system, phase 1’.

Photo of Cheryl