Our Staff

Dr Bianca Rodrigues Jardim

National Networks and Events Coordinator

Dr Bianca Rodrigues Jardim joined Plant Health Australia as Networks and Events Coordinator in June 2023.

Bianca’s postgraduate experience has focused on the genomics of organisms involved in vector-pathogen-host interactions affecting agriculture. Her honours and MSc degrees obtained in South Africa also focused on using knowledge gained from genomes to develop biotechnological approaches to manage the insect pests in these systems. She recently completed her PhD thesis titled ‘A Genomics Approach to Investigate Phytoplasma Taxonomy and their Diversity in Australia’ at the School of Applied Systems Biology at La Trobe University, Melbourne. Her PhD research included developing a microbial enrichment approach to improve phytoplasma genome sequencing, as well as using phytoplasma genomes obtained through metagenomic sequencing in taxonomic and species diversity assessments. During her PhD, Bianca also co-founded the PBRI Plant Health Student Network which aims to connect students and early career researchers working or interested in the plant health space.

Bianca is looking forward to connecting those working in the plant health space through the coordination of the diagnostic and surveillance networks and the delivery of science workshops. She is also excited to learn more about the work being done in the plant biosecurity space for Australia.