Report on first activity of Exercise Haryana now available

December 4, 2015

Around 40 experts in communications, biosecurity policy, grain production and processing from industry organisations and governments assembled for the first activity of Exercise Haryana. They were presented with a simulated scenario of a detection of the wheat fungal disease, Karnal bunt, in South Australia. Together, they considered how all stakeholders would work together in getting messages out that would support an emergency response.

In the event of an incursion, rapid response is vital to limit the spread and minimise the impact on the grains industry and wider community. Communication would be critical in the event of a real incursion because immediate movement restrictions for grain and machinery would be imposed.

Both crop and intensive livestock industry representatives attended the exercise. Intensive livestock production relies on regular shipments of grain and grain based products to feed animals, so their industries would quickly feel the impact of any movement restrictions applied in a situation like this.

The Public Information Report developed from the communication activity is now available.

The second and third activities of Exercise Haryana will explore the ability to rapidly identify where the disease may have spread and seek national agreement on the most effective response strategy.