PHA May Member Meetings

June 8, 2016

Plant Health Australia (PHA) PHA May Member Meetings were on 31 May.

Led by Susanna Driessen, General Manager Emergency Preparedness and Response, the Parties to the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed (EPPRD) discussed a number of matters arising from the 2015 Review of the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed, including means to develop a more robust system for decision making, improving equity for those who report suspect Emergency Plant Pests, improved support and clarification in financial management of response plans and administration of Owner Reimbursement Costs.

Parties also supported PHA’s normal commitments under the EPPRD and agreed to undertake a review of their normal commitments in 2017-18.

At the General Meeting, members were addressed by the new Chairman, Darral Ashton, and heard about PHA activities for 2015-16 and the Annual Operational Plan for 2016-17. GM attendees agreed to the two resolutions: namely the rate for 2016-17 Annual Membership Subscription and the amendments to the PHA Constitution to include payments other than subscriptions.