Papaya mealy bug

Papaya mealybug

Peggy Greb, USDA Agricultural Research Service,

• Small yellow-white insect that feeds on the sap of papaya and numerous other plants.
• Feeding causes leaf chlorosis, leaf distortions and can cause early fruit fall.
• While feeding, the mealy bugs produce honeydew which encourages sooty mould to develop. This reduces the marketability of fruit.
• The Papaya mealy bug occurs in southern and south eastern Asia, Central America, Mexico and Florida as well as some African countries.
• The pest could be introduced on plants and plant material from overseas and potentially people who have recently visited an infected papaya orchard.

High priority pest of: Papaya

Scientific name: Paracoccus marginatus
EPPRD Category:
Life Form: Stink bugs, aphids, mealybugs, scale, whiteflies & hoppers (HEMIPTERA)

Pest Documents

FS: fact sheet

CP: contingency plan

DP: diagnostic protocol