American berry moth

American berry moth

Photo: Edward Hellman, Texas A&M University

  • Grape berry moths feed on grape flowers and fruit and can cause significant harvest losses
  • Larvae web together grape clusters and penetrate grape berries, hollowing them out and leaving only the skin and seeds
  • Adults can fly rapidly between host plants and larvae can spread through infested fruit and grapevine material
  • L. botrana is present throughout North America
  • P. viteana is present throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and some parts of Asia, Africa and South America

High priority pest of: Dried fruit, Table Grapes, Wine grapes

Scientific name: Polychrosis viteana
EPPRD Category:
Life Form: Butterflies & moths (LEPIDOPTERA)

Pest Documents

FS: fact sheet

CP: contingency plan

DP: diagnostic protocol