NT Farmers join Plant Health Australia

August 17, 2016

NT Farmers have joined Plant Health Australia (PHA) to ensure that the organisation is involved in biosecurity at the highest level, it was announced this week.

PHA, a not-for-profit company based in Canberra, coordinates the activities of governments and industries to ensure that Australia’s biosecurity system remains robust and integrated.

PHA Executive Director and CEO Greg Fraser welcomed the move, saying that plant biosecurity is crucial for future sustainability of crop industries in Australia.

“The north of Australia is particularly vulnerable to new pests that could make it onto the Australian mainland from our neighbours in the north,” Mr Fraser said.

“We see NT Farmers having a key role in helping growers to manage the risks that these exotic pests pose. But also it will assist PHA to increase our focus on that part of the country.”

According to Shenal Basnayake, CEO of NT Farmers, PHA associate membership was an important step for top end farmers.

“Plant biosecurity is a matter that needs to be taken seriously for the ongoing viability of our plant industries,” Mr Basnayake said. “We joined so that we can be a part of the conversation on how Australia’s crops are protected from plant pests.”

Mr Basnayake said that NT Farmers is keen to be part of the solution through the organisation’s ability to deliver direct on-farm services.

“We also aim to also drive adoption of on-farm biosecurity among growers throughout the NT,” he added.

PHA’s members include all Australian governments, 38 plant industries and 11 associate members, including NT Farmers.

For more information contact Shenal Basnayake on:
M: +61 (0)405 287 344
T: +61 (0)8 8983 3233