NPBS – At a glance


A resilient and contemporary national plant biosecurity system that supports Australia’s plant industries, economy, environment and communities.

Strategic priority

1. Stronger together


1.1 Establish a shared and agreed understanding of roles and responsibilities for plant biosecurity.

1.2 Strengthen domestic and international connections across the plant biosecurity system.

1.3 Improve participation and adoption of plant biosecurity practices.

1.4 Develop education and awareness campaigns to better manage plant biosecurity risks.

1.5 Create opportunities to enhance community and citizen science contributions to plant biosecurity.

Strategic priority

2. Sustained support


2.1 Establish a common understanding of plant biosecurity risks and management options in the Australian context.

2.2 Develop an ongoing understanding of capacity and capability gaps across the national plant biosecurity system.

2.3 Develop the skills and knowledge required to support the ongoing needs of the national plant biosecurity system.

2.4 Ensure systems, policies and infrastructure are available for all aspects of plant biosecurity.

2.5 Use appropriate investment allocation models to fund and coordinate plant biosecurity system and reform efforts.

Strategic priority

3. Future ready toolkit


3.1 Encourage the early adoption of new technologies to improve the detection, identification and prioritisation of plant pests and weeds.

3.2 Develop and maintain decision-making tools, policies and processes to manage plant biosecurity risks.

3.3 Enhance arrangements to protect production and environmental assets and improve market access.

3.4 Strengthen national response, recovery and relief arrangements for plant biosecurity incidents.

3.5 Support efforts to enhance the adoption of best practice plant biosecurity related legislation and regulation.

Strategic Priority

4. Impact through innovation


4.1 Implement and maintain interoperable and integrated national knowledge and information management systems.

4.2 Enhance analytics capability for plant biosecurity decision making.

4.3 Drive the adoption of research, development and extension activities across all aspects of plant biosecurity.

4.4 Measure and assess the performance of the national plant biosecurity system by engaging stakeholders from across the biosecurity spectrum.


Action plans[1]

[1] The action plans will outline the specific tasks required for each action to achieve the outcomes and vision in the strategy. These plans will also identify organisations and/or groups with responsibility for implementing each task, resources required and timeframes.