NPBDS – Scope of the strategy and guiding principles

Scope of the strategy

This strategy focuses on improved outcomes for the national plant biosecurity diagnostic system and applies to plant pests that impact Australia’s plant industries, environment and community.

For the purpose of this strategy, plant pests are defined as any species, strain or biotype of invertebrate or pathogen injurious to plants, plant products or bees.

The strategy should be considered in conjunction with the National Plant Biosecurity Preparedness Strategy and the National Plant Biosecurity Surveillance Strategy which together support implementation of the National Plant Biosecurity Strategy.

Guiding principles

The strategy is guided by the following principles:

  • An effective biosecurity continuum – An effective biosecurity system manages the pre-border, border and post border elements (the biosecurity continuum) to mitigate risks.
  • Collaboration – Biosecurity is a responsibility shared between all governments, plant industries, natural resource managers, land custodians or users, and the community.
  • Evidence-based – Biosecurity activities are undertaken according to a cost-effective, science based and risk-managed approach.
  • Coordination – Biosecurity activities are well coordinated to ensure resources are targeted towards agreed national priorities.