NPBDS – National approach to plant biosecurity

The Australian Government and state and territory governments work under the principles set out in the IGAB. The IGAB aims to strengthen Australia’s biosecurity system, enhance national collaboration among Australian governments, and support our biosecurity system to meet current and future challenges. The current version of the agreement was ratified in January 2019 and replaced the previous IGAB which came into effect in 2012.

This strategy aligns with the IGAB and underpins the overarching NPBS. The NPBS is a ten-year plan that outlines a set of goals and actions to strengthen Australia’s plant biosecurity system. The strategy has provided the focus and strategic direction for national plant biosecurity activities since 2010, and drives the way governments, plant industries and the community to work closely together.

This strategy also complements other national strategies— National Plant Biosecurity Preparedness Strategy and the National Plant Biosecurity Surveillance Strategy—to further strengthen plant biosecurity arrangements over the next decade. Figure 1 shows the relationship between key plant biosecurity strategies at the national level.

Figure 1. Key national strategies relevant to plant biosecurity.

a. The National Plant Biosecurity Strategy Implementation Group has oversight of the National Plant Biosecurity Strategy and its three sub-strategies on preparedness, surveillance and diagnostics